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22 Febbraio 2018
The Queers: just a perfect band for every occasion
The Queers: just a perfect band for every occasion

The kind of music that you always need

Recently I moved in, opening the moving boxes I had the pleasure to find this shirt I thought I had lost long time ago. This tee goes back to the time that I was venturing into cut and sew, when all I wanted was only crop tops. However, the Queers! Needless to say that they are one of my favorite bands of all time. I remember when, with my best friend listened “Do not Back Down” and sang, very out of tune, every single song over and over again.

Love for them is certainly not faded, it would be impossible, because they are exactly the kind of music that you always need. If you breakup with your boyfriend, if you have fever, if you have been laid off, if you’re euphoric or if you are angry, if you are in a road trip, put on the Queers and go with the singalong. They’re perfect for every occasion. At Myspace time, I remember, they also helped me to get some new friends, common the passion for them.

Unfortunately, until this year I have never been able to see them live. But this year things have changed, and this summer I will be in the front row singing loudly all their songs.

Where I got my Queers t-shirt

I’m almost sure I had bought it online somewhere, or maybe it was a gift. However, i got it someway and then I butchered it with my poor sewing skills.

My favorite song

The desire to put an entire album is strong, “Love Songs for the Retarded” in particular. But, I will stick to the rules and choose “Punk Rock Girls”, in honor of my teenage years.

Where do I find The Queers

At Punk Rock Raduno !!


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