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30 Maggio 2017
The Manges: super fun italian Pop Punk
The Manges: super fun italian Pop Punk

The joy of being part of a striped-shirts tribe

After periods of ups and downs, there is only one constant in my life, and that is the Manges, which means fun! They can be found in my most beautiful memories.

I started listening to them as a teenager, as I began to approach the pop punk, and my love for them has never faded. They are simple but effective, and they brought 1234 to a next level.

Their concerts are always a gathering of old friends, who go wild together and who throw themselves into a singalong unleashed. During their shows, looking around, you will see only smiles, and singalongs till you drop, but always beautiful as the first time you heard them.

the Manges Live

The first time I saw the Manges was some years ago and it was also the first time I went to Milan, and it all looks so big to me (“… Good boy, bad time, big city, Good night…” in this moment echoes in my mind..). I will never forget the joy of being part of a striped-shirts tribe while we all were singing my (our!) favorite songs.

Since then, I tried to go at every concert they were playing, moving through all the country just to see them and to have fun my striped-shirts tribe friends.

Where I got my Manges t-shirt

Actually, since I have many Manges t-shirts, I do not remember where exactly this comes from; but I think it’s probably a gift from someone or a shirt that I borrowed and never gave back to the owner. But, oh well, it does not matter, now it’s mine!

My Manges favorite song

I could not choose a favorite song… I love them all! So I put the first one that came to my mind today as I was writing this post.

Where to find them

Las Pezia

Manges website



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